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Students of Chemical Engineering once again has successfully produced another great achievement and bring the name of Engineering Faculty of University of Brawijaya in the international event. This time, 5 students becoming representatives of class 2011, they areDobita Amanda, Dwi Chandra, Afida Khofsoh, Rizka Dwi Octaria from Chemical Engineering and Sidiq Darmawan from Mechanical Engineering, that have won as the first runner-up in Chem-E-Car Competition in the series of Chemeca Conference 2014 which is held by ICheme (Institution of Chemical Engineers) in Australia.

The aim of this competition is to create a car prototype with alternative energy fuel. This competition includes two steps: abstract submission and car racing together with poster competition. “We’re surprised when we were announced as one of qualified team for abstract.  University of Brawijaya with EXOTRIC II and another 10 teams from miscellaneous qualified countries for abstract got an invitation to attend the final step of Chem-E-Car Competition in the series of Chemeca Conference 2014 which was held on September 28th to October 1st 2014 in Perth Convention and Exhibition Center,” said Dobita.

The second step of Chem-E-Car Competition reached the peak of the event on September 30th 2014. In that day, Race Competition and Poster Competition was held at once. In the Race Competition, there is a competition’s rule that every prototype must travel a distance of 13 meters with a load of 240 ml of water. The assessment of this competition is based on error value which is calculated according to the distance that can be reached by prototype exceeds or is less than 13 meters.

“Total error from EXOTRIC II, our prototype got error value of the second smallest order so that, give thanks to Allah, we can achieve as the second winner,” said Dobita happily. For the first place is won by Technology University of Petronas and for the third place is won by Gajah Mada University. “We’re so proud that we can compete and beat other universities in the international. Hope for the next years, Engineering Faculty will win Chem-E-Car event because the development potential is huge,” said Afida (Febriola)

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