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Ir . Bambang Poerwadi , M.S, one of faculty members of Chemical Engineering Department University of Brawijaya has presented his paper in International Seminar on Chemical Engineering and Business Forum, an annual event associated with the Chemical Engineering Soehadi Reksowardjojo ( STKSR ) Seminar  2014 that was organized by Institute Technology of Bandung (ITB) on October 30th – 31th 2014.

This seminar with the theme “Chemical Engineering In Materials Processing Toward Sustainable Development”, was attended by keynote speakers from various international institutions, such as Swineburne University, MIT, ECUST, Gifu University, Kyushu University, HKUST, and TUAT.  Ir. Bambang Poerwadi , M.S. in this event became the presenter of the oral paper entitled “Preparation of Heat-Resistant Advanced Materials Insulator from Raw Materials of Silica Sand at Atmospheric Pressure”.

This International Seminar is one of the prestigious events where all engineers from academia, industry, and chemical engineering students gathered to share the most recent knowledge about technology. In this event, the paper that was written by Ir . Bambang Poerwadi , M.S. successfully got the second rank based on the overall score after this paper passed the abstract and the paper selection process.

During the two days event, Ir. Bambang Poerwadi , M.S. as representatives of Chemical Engineering Department, University of Brawijaya actively introduced this new Study Program to the engineers. “During the seminar, the presence of this Study Program which is still new and young was highly appreciated by the engineers in this seminar because the material presented was following the theme and the latest technology issues in accordance with 2014 Government Regulation concerning of Energy and Human Resources”, Said Ir Bambang Poerwadi. This International Seminar is one of many alternatives of sharing knowledge forum about the latest technologies which is being developed at this time. According to Ir. Bambang Poerwadi, M.S. Chemical Engineering Department, University of Brawijaya has been able to follow the up-dated technology because most of the materials presented by the keynote speakers have been included in the discussion of similar courses in Chemical Engineering Department such as Energy courses. In the future, he hopes that not only the lecturers but also the students of this department will continue to improve study and research on the most recent technology in chemical engineering world in order to enrich their knowledge and to improve the quality of this new Chemical Engineering Department, University of Brawijaya. (CMS/Febriola)