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Chemical Engineering Students Board, also known as Himpunan Mahasiswa Teknik Kimia (HMTK) has just been inaugurated since the latest three years Chemical Engineering Department had not yet had any student association. Official announcement of HMTK was held in session Keluarga Besar Mahasiswa Teknik Kimia (KBMTK) which was attended by 2/3 of total Chemical Engineering students and representative from each Engineering majors. The representative from each Engineering majors voted in the formation of HMTK. The session was held at the Auditorium of Prof. Suyono, Engineering Faculty building 2nd floor.

After the establishment of HMTK, the organizers immediately prepared some mechanisms in order to HMTK set to run with a clear organizational structure. Starting from the set of open recruitment chairman, chairman candidate debates, election and the set of inauguration chairman has been organized by the committee. The result, on November 2nd 2014 at the Auditorium Dean 2nd floor at 10.00 am, Alif Rinaldi Fajargis was inducted as Chairman of Brawijaya University’s Chemical Engineering Students Board.

As the first chairman of HMTK UB, Alif Fajargis Rinaldi said that the system of HMTK became imperative-come-first and it was important to be built because the system is the foundation for an organization and work programs to run smoothly in the future. Regarding to problem for HMTK secretary office, Alif Fajargis Rinaldi said, “We have already issued a formal letter to request the room, inventory, and all related things required by this organization even though we still have no organization logo. However, within 1-2 days this contest logo will soon be completed “. He also said, “Just additional information, the room is also being sought by Mr. Yoyo but I personally also do not know for sure where the HMTK secretary office is”.

The most recent development of HMTK is the current organizational structure of HMTK has been formed from the general secretary, treasurer, head of the department, and chairman of the division. Open recruitment for staff has also been closed on November 12th 2014. In this first period HMTK stewardship, Alif Rinaldi Fajargis as chairman has set form of four departments, namely internal departments, external department, department of science and HRD department. He said that the presence of these four departments, HMTK is expected to be quite capable of being a good place for the aspirations of the entire Brawijaya Univeristy’s Chemical Engineering students. “We highly hope that there will be very good cooperation together from all KBMTKand HMTK to build chemical engineering department and make this department developed and better in the future,” said Alif. (Febriola)